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Launching 9/29!

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Beautiful 3D graphics
Pushing limits of mobile devices with detailed, high-res textures, environments and characters.
Bonus content
Unlock additional bonus content and new modes or character’s bonuses through completing optional objectives, finding secret routes or achieving a certain score.
Family friendly fun
Approachable by young audience – no blood, just a comic mischief with a pinch of sabotage towards evil robots!
Sci-fi story
Rich story in an absorbing sci-fi world exploring a thin line between a machine and a living intelligence, where colony’s AI went rogue and persecutes robots.
Stealth & Action
Fast-paced action-filled stealth game full of puzzles, deadly enemies, hidden passages, dangerous traps and tricky hazards.
Visually unique
Unique visual style – play as a futuristic high-tech robot, fight dieselpunk enemies of various sizes and shapes.
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